BLOOM provides a Unique Orphan Sponsorship Program:

BLOOM’s Orphan Sponsorship Program provides an opportunity for a “sponsor” to connect with the heart of an orphan living without the love, support and adequate care of a family. More than a just financial gift, this unique sponsorship opportunity provides support for that child long-distance, but in a much more interactive and personal way! In addition to financially supporting the child, sponsors are able to receive letters, school reports (when available), and photos of the child with whom they are connected. The sponsor can also send letters and photos to their child as well through BLOOM.



Please help us rescue a child.

Sponsorship offers the opportunity for you to connect with your sponsor child through letters and pictures as often as you would like.

Side by Side School Level: $88

This sponsorship level rescues a child out of an abusive foster home and places them in a Christian boarding school. Children are provided education at one of the best schools in Uganda and are given everything they need each month including: food, housing, school fees, uniforms, necessities, etc. Due to the additional resources needed for the provisions above, and to help rescue the child, this sponsorship opportunity requires a larger financial gift each month.
Click on the link below to view the children whose hearts are waiting to be connected to yours through sponsorship.

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