BLOOM Haiti Hope Project



11 million people, 100 ICU beds and 64 ventilators. That’s what our precious brothers and sisters in Christ are facing in Haiti with the Covid-19 virus looming over them. Several of our partner orphanages in Haiti are in desperate need of extra supplies to help the children and staff stay healthy during the pandemic, and just $5 PER CHILD can help us equip them for protection against the virus. For now, all the kids and staff are ok, praise the Lord! But as you can imagine, many of these developing countries have no way to do “social distancing,” nor do they have access to medical care, much less Covid-19 testing.
Therefore our only hope to help them fight this pandemic is to provide additional cleaning supplies, soap, tap stations for hand washing, and gloves and a few masks for older caregivers who are particularly at risk. We would also like to provide the kids with some nutritional supplements to boost their immune systems. In addition, the cost of food has gone up tremendously due to the virus, as there are no laws to regulate price gouging. We would like to send funds to our social worker in Haiti so he can purchase some customized health kits for each orphanage, and possibly have some funds leftover for additional food support to keep the kids’ immune systems strong. He will also conduct a hygiene workshop for each orphanage so the staff can have all the information they need to keep themselves and the kids safe, and using all aid that we provide properly.
Our research via the social worker shows that $2400 would cover these costs for the 346 kids and 67 orphanage staff members in 5 orphanages. No amount is too small. Please click HERE to help us meet this need (select general sponsorship) or go to to make a general donation.
UPDATE JULY 2020: We have raised the first $2400 and distributed Covid Aid Relief to last through June. THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS! As the crisis is ongoing for Haiti, we are still taking donations and need another $2400 to provide aid relief through the end of August. Hand washing stations, preventative care vitamin supplements and cleaning supplies have been distributed thus far, and our social worker has done individual sanitation trainings at each orphanage.
Thousands of children with trauma are being raised in orphanages where caregivers and social workers are limited in their resources to deal with their emotional and physical needs. There is limited access to education and training on the newest, most effective areas of child psychology, trauma, behavior therapy and basic healthcare for child care workers.
Hundreds of children will age out of Haiti’s orphanages each year with no skills to care for themselves as adults caused by the lack of educational or financial resources for job or life skills training courses. Thousands more children each year will be abandoned due to poverty due to the lack of educational or financial resources for job or life skills training courses available to their parents, as well as a lack of affordable child care for working parents. In fact, 80% of the 32,000+ children in Haiti’s orphanages have at least one living parent who felt they needed to give their child to an orphanage due to poverty or crime risk.
These problems contribute to traumatized children currently in institutional care not being properly cared for, resulting in deeper emotional and psychological issues, health problems and poor performance in school. Moreover, orphans and vulnerable children in Haiti will age out of the system and being exploited, turning to a life of prostitution and crime, or will perish due to being unable to care for themselves. Children will continue to enter the system because their parents have suffered from the same lack of educational resources, leading them to abandon their children into institutional care, perpetuating this cycle for generations to come.

With the BLOOM Haiti Hope Project, we aim to solve these issues as follows:

Children with trauma being raised in orphanages in Haiti will have caregivers and social workers who are adequately trained with the skills to deal with their emotional and physical needs thanks to the Nanny and Social Worker Training Program which includes Trauma Competent Care Workshops.
A class of OVC “graduates” will age out of of Port-Au-Prince’s orphanages each year with a complete set of skills to care for themselves as adults thanks to the Income Generation and Life Skills Program.
Kids whose families are at risk of separation due to poverty will be able to stay in biological family care as a select pilot group of their parents participate in the Income Generation Program, while the kids participate in the Daycare/After School Care Program.
All programs will employ a Biblically-focused curriculum. As a result, the participating children will know Jesus as their savior and receive family care and/or better institutional care, resulting in better emotional and psychological health (including positive behavior), a sense of hope and empowerment, better physical health and better grades in school. Their risk for being exploited, turning to a life of prostitution and crime, or death will be dramatically decreased, thereby breaking the systemic cycle of poverty.
This project has officially launched with our first Trauma Competent Care Workshop (pictured above) successfully held in Port-au-Prince from February 24-27 for over 30 government and private social workers and orphanage directors from 15 organizations! IBESR (Haiti’s Department of Family and Child Welfare) has officially invited us to return this Fall to teach another class exclusively to their government staff. We have also enrolled 10 aging out teens into the job and life skills training program. We are working with 9 at-risk families to keep their children out of orphanages via a job skills training and income generation program
We are looking for 10 sponsors at $60/month to support these children’s school fees, and 9 sponsors at $80/month to support the at-risk families (parent’s school fees and childcare/food aid monthly while parents are in class).
Our EIN is 45-4292119 and you may give to this project by emailing or clicking below.