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Eryk: DE271

Eryk (11) – DE271

This energetic little boy is so longing to be loved and adored!  He loves swimming, riding bikes, and computer games.  He also enjoys soccer, likes the color blue, and desires to go to America.  When he grows up he wants to be a fireman, paramedic, policeman, or professional soccer player!  Wouldn’t it be fun if he could visit a fire station!

He stated, “One of my favorite memories was when I scored a goal in a soccer game.  Everyone cheered, and it made me feel good.”  You could easily encourage this boy and make him feel good as well!  

His favorite subject is English (which he already understands much of).  Being hosted would be a great opportunity for him to strengthen his English skills!

Eryk is a loyal friend:  His one wish was that he could see his old friend who was adopted earlier to America.  He believes that friends should “have each other’s back,” and be kind to one another.

Eryk admits that he struggles to pay attention in school, but has good grades, and he also desires to improve.  To improve the world, this sensible boy would build a better track for the Polish tram, and thence solve the country’s traffic problem!  Will you consider giving Eryk the love and attention this summer that he has been waiting for?


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