Donate Your Birthday

 Do you want to help transform the lives of orphans?  Pledge to donate your birthday through a Facebook fundraiser.  Simply set up the fundraising page and ask your friends and family to donate instead of getting you a gift.  We’ll use the money you raise to help orphans around the world know hope, love and a better life.



Step One – Pledge Your Birthday

The first step it simple – just pledge your birthday by filling out this form.  Be sure to share your pledge on social media to let your friends and family know that you’re serious about making a real impact on the orphan crisis.  We’ll send you a reminder on your birthday month to set up your fundraiser.

Step Two – Start a Campaign

We recommend using Facebook, as BLOOM is a registered charity on Facebook, and your funds raised will deposit directly into our orphan care account, without you having to lift a finger.
Visit and search non-profits, then search for Be Love Orphan Outreach Missions, and select us. You can then design your own quick and easy fundraiser. We recommend your campaign goal be between $250 and $500, unless you’ve got a huge network, in which case, go for the gold and set a higher amount!

Step Three – Transform the Lives of Orphans

Once you’ve created your fundraiser, be sure to share it on social media! Let us know you’ve created one by tagging us on social media, or writing us a message, and we’ll also share it for you! We’ll use the money you raise to make a difference in these precious lives.  When complete, you’ll know that your birthday helped vulnerable children around the world know hope and love.