Sustainable Farming Project


Modeled after our Sierra Leone sustainable farming project, which is already yielding food for the orphans we support in Makulon, we are launching another Farming God’s Way project for the children of Mukono, Uganda. We need to purchase the 2 acres of farmland for $15,000 by mid-September so we may help supplement the children’s food needs, as they are currently facing a food crisis. Our partners in Uganda have already locally raised the other $5,000 needed to equal the total land cost of $20,000. 
Our goal for the project is two-fold: To help the orphanage provide food for the children, thereby fighting malnutrition, and to teach sustainable farming to the community, which will help local families pull themselves out of poverty. This will reduce the number of future orphans and perhaps allow some of the Dove Orphan School children to return to extended family members who can now afford to care for them due to increased levels of self produced income. The farm will supplement the children’s meals with fresh fruits and vegetables and also peanuts for protein in order to provide better food security, a healthier more varied diet, and to reduce the need for sponsor funding to purchase food or seek medical care for issues related to malnutrition. 
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Sept 3rd- GOAL MET!

We have reached our goal! If you would like to continue donating toward this cause, the children do need food immediately. We will donate all funds above the goal toward immediate food aid for the kids until the farm produces. 
Donate at the bottom of this page for emergency food aid for the Dove Primary School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.


Drawing will be held on Facebook Live on Labor Day (9/3/18) and the video of the drawing will be posted to our Facebook page. If you haven’t done so already, “LIKE” us on Facebook to stay updated on all of our projects, including this one!