BLOOM provides a Unique Orphan/Child Sponsorship program:

“Connecting Hearts”, whenever possible, in countries we serve!
Most other “child sponsorship programs” allow a family or person to choose a child living with their biological family, from a photo and small bio including: name, age, birthday and country.

BLOOM’s “Connecting Hearts” orphan sponsorship program allows an American family or person to choose a child living without the love, support and adequate care of a family and provide support for that child long distance, but in a much more interactive and personal way!

Communication is encouraged and personal involvement is possible through short term mission trips abroad.

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Identify your child in the photo album and select the level of your sponsorship:
Sierra Leone:

FOOD Sponsorship Level: $30

This level of sponsorship provides food for 1 specific child for 1 month. This is a true life sustaining provision! New children come into the orphanage at different times, and some of our existing kids still need sponsors. A Food Sponsor provides food for a child who still needs a monthly FULL Sponsor.


FULL Sponsorship Level: $50

This level of sponsorship provides a specific child food PLUS necessities, such as: food, housing, clothing, shoes, Christian based education and basic medical care.
Both levels will have the opportunity to write letters back and forth with the sponsored child.

Foster Care Sponsorship Level:$50

These children live with a safe and stable foster family but need financial assistance to assure a worthwhile education. Monthly sponsorships are applied to school fees, food, and basic medical care.”

Christian Boarding School Level: $80

These children are rescued out of unsafe situations and are enrolled in a Christian boarding school. Your monthly sponsorship provides their food, housing, school needs, necessities and basic medical care.

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