Together we can give an orphan hope for a better future. Will you help us make a REAL IMPACT on the orphan crisis? Your donations go directly to fuel BLOOM initiatives that grow and guide effective care for vulnerable children.  Read below how your donations are saving lives and making progress in the mission to help orphans.

There are three ways to make a donation:

Directly to BLOOM Worldwide for Orphan Care
(general donations)
Hosting Donations
(Donations towards the Hosting Program)
Sponsorship Donations
(To support a schools in Africa so they may have food, shelter, and school fees covered)

“Our mission is to help orphans experience a better life, simply put.  But achieving this mission isn’t simple.  It’s because of your support that we are able to make progress each day.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. You truly are saving lives.”

April Wareham 
BLOOM Executive Director

Other Ways to Give

Haiti Hope Project 


Donate Your Birthday and Transform Lives