Short Term Missions

Mission Projects may include:

Construction projects, medical and/or dental teams and ministering to children with special needs at our G’LOVE Children’s Home in Ukraine.
Sharing the Gospel through VBS programs, church/orphanage/foster home maintenance projects and supporting local pastors with resources and training as they minister to orphans and vulnerable children in their communities.
Opportunities for those who host or sponsor children to spend time ministering to them in the child’s home country.
Assisting with job training, small business start-ups, and other community development projects that will help families at risk to stay together.
Facilitating ways for local churches to get involved in orphan care in their community.

Participating in interview trips for our Host and Sponsorship programs. These trips focus on interviewing children as potential participants in our programs and building relationships with new countries/communities/orphanages? in which we desire to minister. Former host parents preferred for these particular trips.

Who can participate?
Former host parents or families, college students, pastors, church and youth groups, medical professionals, teachers, construction trade workers, business professionals and anyone with a heart for orphans.
Committed Christians who agree with BLOOM’s Statement of Faith and can raise their trip funding. Our team must be on the same page to effectively complete the “mission”.
Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.        Colossians 3:23-24

Bloom Transation Home

Zhytomyr, Ukraine – a city in the Northwestern, rural area of Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Zhytomyr Oblast, as well as ?the administrative center of the surrounding Zhytomyr Raion.

This is where BLOOM purchased just over 3 acres of land and has been working the past 3 years to complete BLOOM Home for Kids (a transition home for aging out orphans, full of God’s Love).

The TIME IS NOW to raise $21,500 for the roof and concrete/framed walls! We need to stay on schedule to open the doors for the transition home in late spring 2018!

The chapel on the property was completely rebuilt over the past 18 months and has new heating, electricity, insulated walls, new trusses and roof which allowed for a 2nd floor for mission teams to “land” with office, full bath and sleeping area, and on the lower level: a small kitchen, two offices and preschool area for the children to learn!

A new septic system was also completed and commercial gas lines are funded and will be redone in the Spring to serve both buildings.

Vision for G’love home for kids:

In 2012, Le Ann Dakake led a mission team to Ukraine and was scheduled to meet with a pastor and his wife in Zhytomyr to interview children for an upcoming hosting program. Meanwhile, Jennifer Borsh a former missionary from this area, was back in the USA and continued supporting the various orphanages through this pastor. Little did we know that God had placed us in each other’s lives and paths to do something great for His kids! Through this, God unrolled a modern day miracle and shine a light on a new path!

After meeting many kids and the day was almost over, the pastor shared a dire need that he was facing: They owned a piece of land with a small church and their living quarters near a lake in an area just outside the city. They were behind on the mortgage payment by 3 months and were about to lose it. His wife had a brain tumor and they had used all their sponsorship funds to treat this and alleviate her pain by getting radiation treatments in nearby Poland, where they needed to move immediately.

The group prayed together and contacted Jennifer back in the states. Five hours later, after several interesting emails and Facebook messages, Le Ann and Jennifer connected and found a way to catch up the back payments on the mortgage to save the property from being repossessed.

It didn’t stop there! God had big plans for this little property!

After returning to the USA and sharing the story with her Board of Directors, Le Ann shared the story about the property. Almost immediately, a donor stepped forward and covered the initial purchase of the property including a planned remodel of the existing buildings to roll out this amazing plan!!

Jennifer began coordinating the next steps with the builder identified by an American missionary couple living in Kiev serving kids with HIV. In just a few months after meeting the pastor, the land was purchased, blueprints were developed for the G’LOVE Home (God’s Love) and construction began to rebuild the group home and chapel/pre-school. ?However, once the builder began working on the existing buildings, he soon realized that there was much more than the expected remodel needed. The structures were not built to “code” and in fact were unsafe in many ways. It was determined that the best plan would be to use the existing donation to remodel the chapel into a pre-school and completely start over from the ground up for the group home.

Since that day, the chapel has been completely rebuilt including new walls, insulation, floors, a new kitchen, offices, rafters, roof, siding and a 2nd floor was added for a Mission Team room. Full bathroom, new wiring, and windows were all added as well. The chapel will now serve as the kid’s preschool/church right next door to the new orphanage home which will be completely handicapped accessible!

The next steps and needs are fundraising to RAISE the orphanage home! The initial donation was able to cover the land and rebuilding of the church. But, with the newfound issues in the original construction, it was not enough to complete the orphanage home.  A 2nd donor paid for a new septic tank, new electrical wiring and water well large enough to accommodate the home and church when complete.  In all, the initially anticipated $100,000 budget turned into a $260,000 budget. Approximately $139,000 is still needed for this project to be completed.

Be Love! Orphan Outreach Missions is an IRS approved Non-profit 501(c)3. Tax receipts are issued for donations to the G’Love Home for kids. Check with a tax consultant for details.